10 Eco-Friendly Toiletries to Travel Anywhere With

Sustainable Toiletries

Planning a trip? Congratulations! After the past couple of years we’ve all had, everyone is deserving of a road trip or jetsetting adventure. While you’re busy arranging hotel reservations, spa sessions, and fun activities to add to the itinerary, we’ll help you with what should go in your eco-friendly toiletry kit. 

Why Safe and Sustainable Toiletries?

First off, what is travel size for toiletries? According to the TSA, passengers can have travel-size toiletries that are 3.4 ounces, or 100 milliliters. They must be placed inside a clear quart-size bag and only three of these bottles or containers are permitted in carry-on baggage. Anything larger should be inside of checked baggage.

Why do they do this? Well, a certain amount of liquids are needed to be problematic. The separate 3.4-ounce containers simply aren’t enough to cause an effective explosion. While this rule—also referred to as the 3-1-1 liquids rule—was developed for use in US airlines, it’s likely the same for international carriers, too. 

Now that you’ll be able to get through checkpoint security, let’s talk about why environmentally friendly toiletries are essential when you’re learning how to be more eco-friendly

Those tiny bottles and boxes may look adorable, but they’re anything but cute for our planet. Think about it: all those teeny-tiny toiletries may be perfect for your weekend getaway—but that’s it! Quite often, they’re barely more than single-use, meaning plastic packaging that ends up in landfills after you check out of the hotel.  

The machinery at recycling facilities can’t handle the small pieces of plastic, so in the best cases, they go straight to landfill where they’ll take hundreds—if not thousands—of years to degrade. Worse, they pose a risk to the equipment or people working in recycling centers. 

But, you think, surely we can’t be using too many of these miniatures? Au contraire, dear reader. US statistics are hard to come by, but in the UK alone, more than 100 million travel-size products are purchased annually. This contributes to about 980 tons of plastic waste. As the UK’s population is much smaller, we could assume that American numbers would be three to four times as much!

Not to worry, you don’t need to go without washing your hair or brushing your teeth on your next trip overseas. Just be sure to pack some eco-friendly toiletries. 

10 Eco Toiletries for Your Next Vacay

In addition to some leakproof travel bottles that can be filled with some of your favorite products from home, consider tossing the following into your luggage before your trip:

1. A Bamboo Toothbrush

Why are bamboo toothbrushes better? They still ensure a clean mouth and happy smile but have a handle that isn’t made out of fossil fuels! Since it’s not plastic-based, the bristles can be removed after use and the brush can be composted. Did we mention that bamboo grows faster than any plant on Earth?

Bamboo Toothbrush

2. Plastic-Free Mouthwash

Leave the harsh chemicals behind and opt for a natural, eco-friendly mouthwash. A glass bottle is greener than plastic. While it’ll have to be stowed in your checked baggage, you can recycle the bottle when you get home—or reuse it!

3. Eco-Friendly Dental Floss

Why is dental floss bad for the environment? Well, to start, it’s made from petroleum-based plastic that may be coated in toxic perfluorinated chemicals (PFCs). Not only does nylon dental floss take hundreds—if not thousands—of years to decompose in a landfill, but it often doesn’t even make it there! Because of how small and lightweight it is, floss often ends up in oceans and waterways where it harms marine animals.

Opt for a natural, biodegradable floss instead. Even better if it comes in recyclable cardboard packaging.  

4. Toothpaste Tablets

Those pesky tubes of toothpaste aren’t good for our planet—especially when they’re travel-size. They’re often made with materials that don’t make them recyclable, meaning they take a long time to degrade in landfills instead. 

Toothpaste tablets to the rescue! Contained in a recyclable/reusable glass jar, these oral care essentials get the job done—all without the unnecessary packaging. 

5. A Safety Razor

Move over, disposable razors. There’s a far better alternative for smooth, hairless skin. Safety razors are a knick- and irritation-free way to get rid of stubble. Mostly made of stainless steel, they can be reused for a lifetime, cutting down on the significant waste from plastic-based razors.

6. Shampoo & Conditioner Bars

If you haven’t made the switch to bar varieties of shampoo and conditioner, kick off your vacation by doing so! Because you add your own water in the shower, these products don’t have a need for it—meaning they don’t have a need for plastic bottles, either! These zero waste alternatives still ensure luscious locks, but don’t give our planet a bad hair day. 

7. Eco-Friendly Body Wash

Similarly, go back to basics and take a bar of soap with you on your trip. Most come in cardboard boxes, making them totally zero waste. To help the soap last longer, consider using a bamboo soap dish. 

8. Natural Loofah

Most loofahs are made from plastic, but did you know that loofah is actually a plant?! The real thing works far better than fossil fuel-based scrubbers. And they can be composted! 

9. Reusable Makeup & Face Wipes

Avoid the temptation to purchase mini makeup products for your trip and instead just bring what you use at home. To cut down on waste even more, toss some reusable face wipes to your beauty bag. 

10. Menstrual Cup or Organic Tampons

For menstruators, there’s nothing worse than forgetting period products on a trip! Be sure to pack them, and consider going the greener route by opting for a menstrual cup or organic, plastic-free tampons. 

Better Toiletries Before Your ‘Bon Voyage’ 

Don’t forget the sunblock, deodorant, hand sanitizer, and any other toiletries for travel you may need. Also, consider making Terra & Co. your travel buddy! Our range of sustainable, non-toxic oral care products are perfect for business trips, Balinese retreats, and anywhere else the travel bug takes you. 

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