Reducing Waste With Eco-friendly Packaging

Reducing Waste With Eco-friendly Packaging

Have you made a commitment to going green and lowering your environmental waste? When it comes to health and beauty products, it can sometimes feel impossible to get past the packaging. Everything you buy seems to be in a plastic container, placed inside a glossy cardboard box, and wrapped with another layer of plastic.

Product wrapping has become so excessive that it now accounts for roughly 65% of trash tossed away by the average household. This unnecessary and unsustainable use of packaging is causing customers to demand better practices. Some brands are providing more eco-conscious options, including environmentally friendly packaging.

What is eco-friendly packaging?

The aim of eco friendly packaging is to minimize or eliminate waste by using materials that are recyclable, reusable, or biodegradable. While reaching zero waste can be challenging, more brands are taking the “green” road to ensure that their products have a positive impact on their customers and the planet we all live on.

Good earth-friendly packaging should go beyond the recycle sign. Brands should also aim to come as close as possible to zero waste by:

  • Reduce the waste caused to produce the packaging
  • Utilize sustainable sources (for both packaging and ingredients)
  • Make proper disposal easy and accessible
  • Eliminate potentially harmful chemicals that can find their way back to earth (and sometimes into our skin)

Helping to educate consumers on how to properly dispose of packaging is important as well, considering that less than 13% of the 14,490 tons of plastic packaging generated in 2017 found its way into the recycling bin. 

Examples of eco friendly packaging include reusable tins, recyclable plastics, glass bottles, biodegradable cardboard, corn starch “plastic” alternative, soy ink, and containers designed to be reused and refilled.

Benefits of eco-friendly product packaging

The most obvious benefit of eco-friendly cosmetic packaging is that it is better for the planet. If we could completely eliminate our plastic waste, we would free up roughly one-third of most landfills—space that could be reclaimed by nature. However, there are also many other benefits of utilizing biodegradable and recyclable containers and packaging, such as:

  • Packaging that uses raw, organic, and natural materials requires fewer energy sources and releases fewer carbon emissions during its production.
  • Natural packaging for cosmetics and skin or oral care is considered to be healthier and safer for the consumer, eliminating concerns over things like BPAs.
  • Green packaging typically costs less to produce and buy, making it smarter for businesses.
  • Many times, natural packaging is sturdier than its traditional, wasteful alternatives.

Choosing better eco-friendly brands

Terra and Co. was founded by two sisters who saw the need for oral care products that were better for you and better for the planet. That’s why their products focus on providing clean, brilliantly white smiles while continuing to reduce and eliminate waste with eco-friendly products and packaging, such as bamboo toothbrushes, recyclable paper boxes, biodegradable floss, and sustainably-sourced ingredients.

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