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Our Picks for Best Green Beauty Blogs

Our Picks for Best Green Beauty Blogs

I have been getting a ton of questions about what blogs do we, at Terra & Co., follow.  Today I’m going to give you two of our favs.

The first one is The Organic Bunny (https://www.theorganicbunny.com).  Amanda Jo IS the organic bunny.  Amanda covers everything from beauty, nutrition, home and lifestyle on her blog.  Amanda tells everyone like it is.  There is no hiding anything from her.  She is very knowledgeable with product ingredients and what I appreciate the most, is how passionate she is about animal welfare.  Right now on her blog, you can contribute to help her raise $15,000 to save 12 golden retrievers in a China slaughter house.  If you want to help Amanda save these innocent, helpless dogs, here is the link: https://www.youcaring.com/bunnysbuddies-1151465

Another reason we love reading Amanda’s blog, is that she knows luxury and gives tips to her readers on switching to green beauty.  If you follow her tips, you don’t feel like you are sacrificing anything. She guides her readers to transition a few things at a time like the face, body, hair and makeup.  Of course, you can purchase Amanda’s favorites and Terra & Co. is proud to be offered on The Organic Bunny website.

The 2nd blogger that we follow regularly is Katie at The Green Product Junkie (https://www.thegreenproductjunkie.com). We, at Terra & Co., not only appreciate Katie’s ingredient knowledge, but also how she focuses on the sustainability and packaging of products.  Sustainability is a core value of Terra & Co. and our toothbrush is made from sustainable bamboo and our toothpaste tube is recyclable. 

If you are new to the eco-friendly world of beauty, you would appreciate Katie’s Desert Island Picks post.  Katie chose a few green products for hair and skincare.  Katie breaks down each category, face cream, eye cream/serums, masks, face oils, and cleansers.  I have to agree with Katie’s choice on face oils from Odacite.  I personally love their Gt+L Green Tea & Lemongrass booster.  Not only do I love the way it smells, it gives the face a beautiful radiance when added into your regimen.  Check out The Green Product Junkie for more incredible information on green beauty.

We’d love to hear from you which green blogs you follow!


Photo courtesy of The Organic Bunny


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