Pay It Forward

Pay It Forward
Pay it Forward with Us from July 1-15th

Think Terra & Co. is only concerned with a fresh mouth and white teeth? Think again. Ever since we started the business, we’ve been committed to combining environmental sustainability with social sustainability. 

For years, Terra & Co. has partnered with the Los Angeles Downtown Women’s Center—and we’re excited to announce that we’re taking this partnership to the next level. From July 1 to July 15, $5 from any purchase on our website will go directly to the women's center. You read that right: if you buy our $10 Brilliant Black Dental Floss, 50% of that money will go directly towards helping to support homeless women. 


Why the LA Downtown Women’s Center (DWC)?

Sustainable luxury oral care products should be available to everyone. For years, we’ve been donating boxes of toothpaste to the Downtown Women’s Center. On a typical weekend morning several times a year, our founders, Amra and Azra drive down together to the center to donate toothpaste. 

With the current pandemic still taking its toll, the best way for us to support the women’s center now is by sending financial aid. Through our upcoming campaign, we expect to be able to provide the Downtown Women’s Center with funds that can go towards supporting their mission of empowering women and ending homelessness.

 Terra & Co. has felt so connected to this organization because of all of the amazing and essential services it provides. Unlike any other women’s center in the country, the DWC provides permanent and supportive housing in Skid Row and in other areas around LA. 

 For anyone who’s unfamiliar with Skid Row, it's an area amidst some of the wealthiest neighborhoods of Los Angeles that’s become “home” for more than 2,000 chronically homeless residents. The people who live there commonly struggle with hygiene issues, police raids, and the spread of diseases. It’s also an area where disproportionate inequality is very clear—34% of people who live on Skid Row are Black.  

To say that the DWC provides a much needed service for some of the homeless women in the area is an understatement. Not only do they provide housing, but they also serve meals, provide clean bathrooms and showers, and ensure a safe and supportive place for women in the area to come in and get off the streets. 

They’re the only center in the area dedicated to serving women, and they do so through a Women’s Health Clinic and a Trauma Recovery Center.  They also provide workforce development programs like computer skills, vocational counseling sessions, and job readiness preparation. 

They’ve even started MADE by DWC, a social enterprise created to generate economic and social capital by selling a line of gifts made by some of these women. Order a candle or a natural soap after making your sustainable oral care purchases! 



A Sustainable Partnership

Terra & Co. formed a relationship with the DWC wayyyy back (we have yet to become profitable—but that doesn’t mean we haven’t been helping out). When we started the business a few years ago, we knew right away that in addition to promoting sustainable dental care, we also wanted to contribute to social causes that we care about

 Terra & Co. certainly wants to make a difference in people’s mouths, but we also want to make a difference in people’s lives—and for reasons that go beyond simply wanting to do good. 

Amra and Azra became homeless themselves when they were just eight and ten years old. Refugees of the Bosnian War, the sisters, and their family were forced to leave their hometown in 1992 before ending up in Sarajevo, the city under siege from 1992-1996.

Giving up possessions, friends, family, and the life they had grown up with, the Hajdarevic family eventually found their new home in Michigan. As anyone could imagine, the move to a different state is difficult—let alone a different country as a result of armed conflict! 

Forever grateful for the support they received during this difficult time, Amra and Azra decided to always give back to people experiencing similar circumstances—and particularly, women experiencing similar circumstances. 


Thank You

From the first tube of toothpaste to where we are now, Terra & Co. has been able to share the love with the DWC—and we’re happy to be able to do even more in the month of July. With your support, we can really make a change for the thousands of Los Angeles women experiencing homelessness. 

Just $25 can provide a week of meals, safety, and health services for one woman. With the amount that we expect to contribute, we hope to be able to change the lives of several women for several months or longer. So, head to our shop and make a conscious purchase now. 

As always, thank you for supporting a women-led business and for joining us in helping women in need. There has never been a better time for us to come together and do what we can to make each others’ lives a little better. 

As Amra said a few years ago in one of her first interviews after launching Terra & Co., “We are all sisters and we need to stick together and help each other.”

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