Plastic Free July + Dental Floss = Healthy Mouth & Planet

Plastic Free July + Dental Floss = Healthy Mouth & Planet
Plastic Free July + Dental Floss = Healthy Mouth & Planet

Many of us are caught up in the chaos that is 2020 but between protest news and pandemic updates we should remember that this month is important for another reason—Plastic Free July.

Plastic Free July started in 2011 in Australia as an initiative between a few environmentally-conscious households. It essentially means minimizing our consumption of single-use disposable plastic for the month of July. What does this look like? Avoiding plastic bags and packaging at the grocery store, saying “no” to plastic utensils at restaurants, and starting a sustainable oral care routine. 

Plastic is everywhere. It’s in what we wear and what we eat and is embedded into most of the products we buy. While most of us might not think about it, the dental care industry is a pretty big player in the world of plastic. 

Just think about it—we floss with a string of plastic before squeezing toothpaste out of a plastic tube onto a plastic brush. Yikes. 

Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to add sustainability to your summer plans. We’ll tell you why Plastic Free July is so important, how you can get involved, and what the best zero waste dental floss is to help you on your journey.


What’s the Deal with Plastic?

Have you ever stopped to think about what plastic actually is? I mean, it’s found in everything but do you know where it comes from? Here’s a hint, unless it’s bioplastic it’s not grown on a tree or farmed in a field. Most plastic we use in the world is petroleum-based, or derived from coal, natural gas, or crude oil. Doesn’t sound like the best thing to put on our mouths or wear on our skin, does it? 

And it’s not just plastic’s impact on our health that we’re worried about—the biggest concern is the damage it’s doing to our planet. Here are just a few plastic problems, and how it’s wreaking havoc on Earth. 

1. The plastic produced in just the last decade is more than what was produced during the whole last century. Currently, we’re producing and discarding around 360 million tons every year (which includes about a billion toothbrushes). 

2. Floating plastic waste acts as a mode of transportation for invasive species, which disrupts habitats. If it’s not used for transportation, it’s consumed by marine animals, often injuring or killing them.

3. Disposed plastic materials don’t biodegrade, they just break down into smaller pieces and can last in the environment for up to 2,000 years

Plastic pollutes our groundwater, is linked to cancer, and poisons our food chain. We could go on, but you probably get the point. 



What Can I Do to Help?

Sustainability has become more of a focus for businesses and individuals around the world, and for good reason—the time for action is now. Lucky for us, there are a lot of ways we can minimize our plastic consumption (and even incorporate it into our self-care routine):

1. Audit your trash can and recycling bin. What are some things you notice right away? If you see a lot of plastic water bottles, buy a reusable bottle. If you see a lot of plastic chip or cracker packages, try making your own. There are always things we can do to improve (and most of them are fun!)

2. Bring a reusable shopping bag with you. Always. Anywhere you go. At all times. 

3. Cut out soda and juice. Not only are they not great for your teeth (So. Much. Sugar) but they’re also not too good for the planet. 

4. Encourage friends and family to incorporate sustainable living into their lives. Have a documentary night, order some reusable straws for friends, or visit a farmer’s market together.  

5. Start a sustainable dental care routine. Here’s where we can help! 



Eco-Luxe Dental Care for Plastic Free July

At Terra & Co., our commitment to sustainable luxury oral care starts with reducing plastic as much as possible. Where we really stand out is with our Bamboo Charcoal Dental Floss. Plastic free dental floss is hard to find. And when you do find it, it comes in a plastic container! Ugh!

We struggled with this ourselves, which is why we designed exactly what we were looking for—eco-friendly dental floss that is great for teeth and gums, doesn’t include plastic, leaves oil in the ground, and comes in eco-conscious packaging. 

Ours is made with activated charcoal, bamboo fiber, and coconut oil. Where most other brands coat their dental floss with a petroleum-based paraffin, ours is coated in a vegan candelilla wax (made from the leaves of a Mexican shrub). Even better—it comes in a paper box that can be recycled! 

Our dental floss uses the antibacterial properties of activated charcoal to remove the plaque that builds up between teeth—leaving you with a whiter, brighter smile. The vegan wax helps it to glide between teeth easily and the peppermint essential oil not only tastes great, but also has anti-inflammatory powers that fight tooth decay by ridding the mouth of bacteria.  

We chose a black dental floss because it’s easy to see the plaque that’s been removed. Once you’re done with your morning floss, you can toss it in the compost and rest-assured that it will biodegrade! Plus, it’s award winning! It was voted Men’s Health THE BEST Dental Floss 2020 and ELLE Magazine’s GREEN BEAUTY Award 2020! 

So, combine some of the best dental floss with our other plastic-free luxury oral care products to kick off your environmentally friendly, natural, effective, and teeth-whitening dental journey! Join more than 250 million people around the globe who are committed to Plastic Free July. An order with Terra & Co. can help you get started. 


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