What is Self-Care?

What is Self-Care?


When you hear the words self-care, what do you think? Do you think… I take care of myself or I don’t have the time for this self-indulgence? If those are the thoughts that come to your mind…you, my dear, are in need of true “self-care.”  I’m here to tell you, self-care is anything but selfish and is so easily overlooked.

Most of us are preoccupied with the thoughts and actions of others and it is so easy to forget to take care of yourself.  I know so many moms and business people can relate to this…right Amra?  Our very own CEO is a single mom and busy entrepreneur.  I’ve seen how busy she is from early morning to late evening, but she knows the importance of self-care.

So, what is self-care?  I found this on www.mycpid.com – “The Greek word for self-care is “philautia” which translates to ‘love of self.’  The Greeks believed when philautia was practiced appropriately (in a balanced and non-narcissistic way), it provided the foundation upon which all other love could be built. In other words, the more you love yourself, the more you can love others.  Aristotle said, “all friendly feelings for others are an extension of man’s feelings for himself.” I don’t know about you, but I’m blown away thinking about that!

Another great way to look at self-care is any activity that we do deliberately in order to take care of our mental, emotional and physical health…mind, body and soul!  MBS!

Good self-care can be a challenge for many people, so here are some suggestions:

Self-care for your Mind

  • Unplug for an hour – switch your phone to airplane mode and free yourself from emails and social media for an hour. I know what I’m asking here, but you can do it!
  • Take yourself off of autopilot – pay attention to something you normally just do – your drive to work (appreciate the flowers, trees, sky), brushing your teeth (laugh at yourself in the mirror with the black teeth you will temporarily get from using Terra & Co.’s Brilliant Black Toothpaste), eating your morning meal (pay attention to chewing, the smell and the taste). So simple…right?
  • Goof around – take a few minutes to laugh and joke. Maybe make silly faces at yourself in the mirror or get up and dance to your favorite song.
  • Cloud-watch – go outside, lie on your back, relax and just watch the sky.
  • Meditate – there are so many benefits of meditation. Check out my previous blog post. 

Self-care for your Body

  • Stretch
  • Go for a run or walk
  • Make one small healthy change to your diet – eat more veggies or give up bread or sugar for a week.
  • Be still – just sit somewhere and be quiet for a few minutes.
  • Take a nap

Self-care for your Soul 

  • Help someone – instead of rushing, hold the door for someone or maybe watch your friend’s kids for an hour so your friend can practice her self-care.
  • Journal – write down your thoughts.
  • Make a home spa – light a candle, turn on some music and take a long bubble bath,
  • Spend an hour doing something that nourishes you – read a book, walk your dog, go swimming.
  • Meditate – need I say more?

These are a few suggestions to get you thinking about starting a self-care regimen.  You don’t have to do it all, just take some time to really focus on yourself.  Talk to your friends about it.  Maybe you can make a pact with each other and ensure that you both are making time for self-care!

Diane Von Furstenberg said it best, “The most powerful relationship you will ever have is with yourself.”

We’d love to hear what you do for self-care.  Let us know in the comments section!

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Beautiful post on self-care. “Self-care is the foundation in which all love should be built.” I believe one should never stop practicing self-care, even if it’s just taking a little walk, or brush your teeth in the morning. Self-care can make a world of a difference. I am going to be writing a paper on self-care for my leadership certification for school. I would love your company to be part of my project. Right now I am in the drafting process, but having you on board will lead me in the right direction. Please take a look at my website & let me know what you think. https://nownadia.com/

Best regards,

Nadia Jalloh

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