#TravelWithTerra: An Insider Sustainable Travel Guide to Bali

#TravelWithTerra: An Insider Sustainable Travel Guide to Bali

Has travel been on your mind recently? Yeah, you’re not the only one. Summer is in full-swing and with a loosening of travel restrictions on the horizon, now is a good time to start planning your next trip. 

Eco-friendly dental products aren’t the only thing on our mind at Terra & Co., we like sustainability in all of its forms—including sustainable travel.  And what place is consistently ranked as one of the most environmentally-friendly travel destinations? Bali, Indonesia. 

For all of us who have been craving fresh and healthy acai bowls and some of the most breathtaking yoga spots, we are dreaming of planning our next trip to the Island of Gods! Mark Bali on your bucket list - here are a few of our suggestions for the top places to go, what to do, and what essentials to pack.


What To Do


See a traditional Balinese healer. If you’ve seen or read Eat Pray Love, you may remember that the main character spent some time in Bali and worked with a local healer (also called a dukun or shaman). This shined the spotlight on Balinese healers and now, more and more travellers are incorporating a visit to a healer in their vacation. Using holistic healing and ancient rituals, a Balinese healer will use an array of techniques, including hypnosis, palm reading, reiki, meditation, massage, and spiritual healing, to name just a few. They’ll work with you to determine any spiritual, physical, and emotional problems before providing a much needed cure or release!


Hang out at Canggu, the cool kid spot. If you talk to anyone about Bali, they’ll likely mention their favorite spot—Canggu. Equipped with beautiful beaches, a thriving surf scene, delicious food, some of the world’s best yoga studios, and a laid-back way of life, Canggu is an area of Bali that simply shouldn’t be left off of your travel itinerary. Spend the morning doing yoga next to a waterfall before relaxing at one of Canggu’s most popular beaches, Echo Beach. On the weekend, make sure you check out the world-famous Finns Beach Club before recovering at the Samadi Sunday Market—a farmer’s market with organic produce and unique artisan handicrafts and clothing. 


Do a class at the Yoga BarnThe Yoga Barn in Ubud is a highlight for almost anyone who’s been to Bali. Situated in a tropical oasis, the Yoga Barn is an epicenter of self-discovery and healing. Heavily influenced by Balinese culture, the natural healing environment is an ideal place for inner transformation. The classes offered at the Yoga Barn vary. Regardless if you’re interested in dance, meditation, yoga, healing, or an Ayurvedic spa treatment, you’ll find something perfect for you. 


Explore the temples of Bali. There are more than 20,000 temples in Bali, and if you don’t visit at least a few before your departing flight, you’re missing out. A few of our favorites include: Lempuyang’s Gates of Heaven, Taman Ayun, and Pura Tirta Empul. So, grab your sarong, and check out a few of the reasons Bali is such a magical place. 




What To Eat


Mama San BaliWith menu items including things like Crystal Jade Dumplings and Vegetable Samosas, Mama San is a fusion of Southeast Asian eats, all inspired by street food. Famed chef Will Meyrick has consistently impressed the thousands of travels who dine here—so much so that Mama San has been recommended by Vogue Australia and Conde Nast Traveller. 


LocavoreOne of the most impressive things about Bali is all of it’s natural wonders—and this includes the foods that grow in the region. As the name suggests, Locavore is all about combining local produce with modern cuisine. 95% of the ingredients used are Indonesian, including produce, herbs, ethically-fed animals, and seafood. This place is as great as it sounds, if your mouth is watering already, book early (at least two weeks before your trip) because Locavore fills up fast. 


Zest UbudZest is all about connection. Like Locavore, Zest is committed to connecting eaters to all of the wonderful local Indonesian products. From some of the most beautiful trees that surround the restaurant to the locally and organically-sourced produce, Zest incorporates the local natural wonders in all they do. This is the place to eat if you want food that is truly made with love. 


The Shady ShackWhile you’re checking out Canggu, don’t forget to make your way to The Shady Shack. Everything you can get from this health food cafe is totally Insta-worthy. Imagine overlooking rice fields while sipping on a Lost Paradise smoothie. Does a Bali vacation get any better?! 


Where To Stay



Fivelements BaliFivelements Retreat opened a decade ago, starting a new genre of wellness destination—one that combined traditional healing cultures with modern and innovative wellness techniques. Combining sustainability with personal wellness, social harmony, and a net positive impact, Fivelements has truly thought out all of their operations to facilitate a positive change in the world. From their healing plant-based cuisine to their Balinese ceremonies and sacred arts, visitors are sure to have a unique and life-changing stay there. The award-winning eco-conscious resort is located near Ubud.


Desa SeniOne of the great things about Bali is that you have your fair share of eco resorts. But of all the resorts available, Desa Seni is hard to beat. As a nature-loving village community, Canggu’s Desa Seni is the place to revive, refresh, and renew. Surrounded by lush organic gardens, Desi Sena incorporates traditional Balinese design with modern amenities to provide one of the best stays possible. Top your stay off with a yoga class, massage, or spa visit—what more could you want


Bambu IndahIf you’ve decided to call Ubud ‘home’ for a few days or weeks, Bambu Indah is the sustainably-luxurious jungle retreat to check out. Unparalleled beauty is what you’ll find as soon as you enter the property. Luxurious bamboo accommodation is scattered around the riverside, combining all of the beauty of the natural environment with everything you’d want in a luxury resort. 


Mana UbudAlso known as Mana Earthly Paradise, Mana Ubud is unlike any other place in the area. Run by an NGO called Earth Company, Mana is fully committed to being as socially- and ecologically-minded as possible. Mana features a probiotic restaurant and conscious store. Guests can stay in some of the most environmentally-friendly structures on the planet—earth bag villas. Every single thing from the organic shampoo and conditioner to the recycled wastewater used for plants embodies eco-design. 


What To Bring



Terra & Co. Travel ToothpasteAs you fantasize over your trip to Bali, you can start packing now! What better thing to add to your suitcase first than our travel-sized Brilliant Black Organic Charcoal Toothpaste. Worried about the impact on your vacation? There’s one less concern with our toothpaste—its sugarcane packaging is plastic-free and easily recyclable. 


Wolven SwimsuitWe’ve been going totally wild over Wolven. They make sustainability sexy with their amazing line of swimsuits (and so much more) made from post-consumer recycled plastic! They don’t stop there though—they use eco-friendly packaging, carbon offset their emissions, and donate 1% of their profits to environmental projects. 


Linné BotanicalsLinné is an eco-luxe botanical skincare line that uses organic, natural, and wild-harvested ingredients to promote healthy radiant skin. Their line of face oil, body wash, face wash (and much, much more) is free of harmful toxins and packaged in eco-friendly and recyclable materials. Plus, they’re working on becoming a carbon neutral company!


Coola SuncareWhen you spend your days relaxing on a Balinese beach, the last thing you want to do is slather up with sunscreen that isn’t great for you or the planet. Most sunscreen is harmful for reefs—but not the sunscreen from Coola. Everything is made with at least 70% certified organic ingredients and has been tested to be reef-safe. 

So, if this encouraged you to book a flight to Bali (and let’s be honest, how could it not?!) start planning by grabbing a few of the trip essentials like our travel-size toothpaste. What’s your favorite spot in Bali? Let us know if we missed a special location in the comments below!

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