Top Sustainable Gift Ideas for Women in 2022

Top Sustainable Gift Ideas for Women in 2022

Sustainable living is important year-round but there’s no better time to encourage it than during the holidays. With plenty of sustainable gift ideas around, it’s easier than before to light up the eyes of a loved one with gifts that will have a lighter impact on our planet. To help make your holiday shopping a little easier, here are top gifts for women 2022, but for greener giving. 

Whether you think they’ll love something for their zero waste bathroom or they’re into bling that’s better for people + planet, these sustainable gift ideas include something for everyone and any budget. 

9 Top Gifts for Women 2022: Sustainability Edition 

1. KNESKO Rose Quartz Gua Sha

Heart-shaped and made with ethically-sourced AA Grade Rose Quartz, this is one gift your mom, sister, or friend is sure to fall in love with. KNESKO’s Rose Quartz Gua Sha is handmade and has a concave shape that allows it to better reach contoured areas of the face, like the jawline, mouth, and cheekbones. It comes with a Rose Quartz eye mask for a full spa-at-home experience.

Not only is the high-quality Rose Quartz the best in terms of clarity, but it’s also a fair trade stone. As your loved one relaxes, rejuvenates, and rebalances with their Gua Sha gift, they’ll be happy to know that it’s doing the same for our planet. With every item purchased, KNESKO plants a tree. 

Who it’s for: A friend or family member in need of a well-deserved self-care spa day

Sustainability is the new black kit

2. Terra & Co. Sustainability Is The New Black Care Set

One of the most sustainable things we can give a loved one is something they’re absolutely sure to use. There’s nothing worse for the planet, after all, than unwanted gifts that just end up in the trash! 

We’d personally go with the Sustainability Is The New Black Care Set as it includes everything your BFF or sister needs for planet-friendly pearly whites: Brilliant Black Oil Pulling, Toothbrush, Toothpaste, and Dental Floss. Everything is vegan, eco-conscious, and sustainably packaged, down to the cute toiletries bag made with recycled water bottles!

Who it’s for: Any(every) one of your friends or family members—especially those into making sustainable swaps to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle

3. Lomi Smart Composter

The world’s first Smart Waste™ appliance, the Lomi is hands down the easiest way to curb food waste. With just the touch of a button, it quietly transforms produce scraps, leftovers, and some types of bioplastic into nutrient-rich dirt that can support outdoor soil or houseplants. 

Truly the gift that keeps on giving, this will make every garbage day easier (and less smelly) for your loved one. Not only that, but the Lomi will cut their food waste carbon footprint significantly. It will give their plants valuable nutrients, too!

Who it’s for: Tech-lovers, foodies, and plant-parents looking for a consistent source of nutrition for their plants

4. Knickey Starter Set

When it comes to sustainable gifts for her, you can’t go wrong with a sustainable pair of undies (or six…). Knickey’s Starter Set includes six of their signature styles: High-Rise Brief; High-Rise Thong; Mid-Rise Hipster; Mid-Rise Brief; Low-Rise Bikini; and Low-Rise Thong. Several different colors are available and the underwear is made with 95% GOTS-certified organic cotton.

As a gift for our planet, when your loved one receives her new underwear, she can send back her old, worn-out pairs to Knickey to be responsibly recycled. Plus, doing so will earn her 15% off her next order. 

Who it’s for: Any woman in need of a new pair of panties (isn’t that all of us?!) and who probably doesn’t want plastic-based materials in areas of the body where they don’t belong 

5. Hernest Project Piper Midweight Henley

In recent years, there’s been no better wardrobe essential than loungewear that’s versatile enough to be worn on the couch, conference call, or connecting flight. This one is made with organic cotton blended with TENCEL lyocell, a semi-synthetic material made with sustainably forested wood. It’s OEKO-TEX and bluesign® certified to be free of harmful chemicals, too.

Helping them wear their heart on their sleeve (literally), your gift recipient will be pleased to know that the shirt is ethically sewn in Portugal by artisans receiving living wages. The shirt is sent in home compostable packaging, too!

Who it’s for: A WFH friend or family member who appreciates versatile wardrobe staples

6. Thesus Weekend Boot

Made with a blend of vegan and 95% natural and recycled materials, your loved one will fall head over heels for The Weekend Boot. They’re perfect for year-round use and look great, whether on a trail or sitting down at brunch. 

The water-resistant and temperature-controlled boots are sustainably made in a family-run factory in Portugal. The wearer will want to stomp with joy when they realize that the boots are made with plastic waste sourced from oceans and old cars! 

Who it’s for: Women ready for adventure—whether it’s to the local cafe or distant national forest

7. AromaTru Waterless Diffuser

Revolutionizing aromatherapy, the waterless, atomizing diffuser from a AromaTru works by releasing a light mist of essential oils whenever and wherever it’s needed. This means no contamination from tap water, less cleaning and maintenance, and more purity of AromaTru’s essential oils.

The essential oils are all USDA certified organic or wild crafted—and never from endangered plant species.  

Who it’s for: The woman who treats her home like her sanctuary 

8. Prosperity Candle Arista Bowl Candles

One of the best eco-friendly gifts is also one of the most common: a candle! Tried and tested, you’ll never go wrong with a gifted candle. The ones from Prosperity Candle will light up your loved one’s eyes far after the flicker and fragrance fade, too. 

Once the hand poured soy blend candle runs out, the decorative bowl can be repurposed as a jewelry holder, decorative dish, or even cereal bowl! Illuminating a more loving world, each candle is also made by a woman artisan who is a former refugee now living in the United States—a cause Terra & Co. founders feel very passionate about

Who it’s for: Anyone who loves candles and feels good about products fighting for social and environmental justice

9. YEWO Nadi Earrings

When made consciously, jewelry can be one of the most sustainable gifts. That’s exactly what you get from YEWO. Their earrings, like the rest of their products, are handcrafted from recycled brass with sterling silver posts. 

They’re sustainably made by women artisans in a solar-powered workshop in Malawi. With every purchase, a person in rural Malawi receives in-house skill training, employment, and support for the community. YEWO also plants trees to give back to Mother Earth. 

Who it’s for: A woman who likes minimalistic jewelry that can be worn with both casual wear and something a little fancier

Put a Sustainable Sparkle in Their Eyes

We hope these ideas for Christmas gifts for women inspire you to give your loved one something to support them and our planet. When in doubt, help your friend or family member unwrap something they’re sure to use, like a sustainable oral care product from Terra & Co. Plus, with something like this they’ll remember your love at least twice a day when they brush

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