Why Should I Use Cruelty-Free Products?

Why Should I Use Cruelty-Free Products?

Buying cruelty-free products is more than just saving a rabbit or a mouse from the lab. It’s about supporting an all-around healthier, safer, and more humane environment-- for both animals and humans. A cruelty-free label means you are saving animals from unnecessary and inhumane experimentation and treatment. It also comes with a plethora of surprising benefits for you as the end-user.

So, if loving animals isn’t enough to get you to switch, discover why cruelty-free is a better choice all around.

It’s safer

Have you ever wondered why companies need to test their products in the first place? Many products are developed using harsh chemicals and components that could potentially be dangerous for human (or animal) application or digestion. Because of this, labs have subjected rats, rabbits, monkeys, and other animals to uncomfortable, harmful, and even deadly experiments until they find a formula that doesn’t have a negative reaction. Instead of finding a “safe-enough” mixture of chemicals, why not opt for products that use more natural, gentle ingredients that don’t require harmful testing?

It’s not necessary

There are already more than 7,000 ingredients that have been extensively tested and are deemed safe for human use. With such an exhaustive list to choose from, it isn’t necessary anymore to subject animals to experiments that can lead to blindness, cancer, illness, burns, and death. Companies that choose to continue these types of experimentation are simply disregarding animal lives in the hopes of a small bump in their profit margin.  

There are other ways of testing

If a company doesn’t want to choose from the 7,000 pre-approved ingredients for its product, there are still many other ways to test their products. Scientific advancements have made testing easier, safer, and cruelty-free. Some popular cruelty-free testing procedures include cell cultures, human tissue donation, in vitro, and computer models. In many cases, these alternative procedures are more affordable and accurate—which begs the question-- why do companies continue to use animal testing?

It’s illegal in many countries

While the U.S. and Canada don’t have bans on animal testing, many other prominent economies do. Animal testing is banned in the European Union, Switzerland, India, Israel, South Korea, and New Zealand-- it isn’t just a promotional tactic. Hopefully, this trend will continue until there is a global ban against animal cruelty.

It’s more eco-friendly  

Most companies who are cruelty-free also care about the environment that supports these animals. When you spot a “cruelty-free” label on the product, you’ll probably also find recycled materials, ethical ingredient sourcing, and mindful supply chain practices.

You’ll feel better about your products

Typically, when we r use personal care and beauty products, it’s because we want to feel better about ourselves. But, how can we feel good about this when we know that animals have suffered? Being more mindful about the products you choose and the brands you support helps you feel good about every level of the products you use so you can enjoy your daily health and beauty routine.

It makes a difference

It can feel impossible fighting big companies in the political arena. However, voting with your dollar is a powerful way to make a statement and petition for a better way of life.

When more and more consumers boycott brands with unethical practices, the big companies will see their profit margins drop, forcing them to change their ways or get out of the market. Plus, there are thousands of great, ethical brands you can choose from-- many that also support small businesses run by compassionate entrepreneurs. 

It’s more common than you think

Animal testing extends well beyond cosmetics and medicines. Products, such as shampoos, household cleaners, and even your toothpaste, probably have a backstory on how it is tested and produced. The next time you are stocking up on any of your staples, look for the cruelty-free label. If it doesn’t have one, ditch it for a new brand. Many new, smaller brands are selling genuine cruelty-free products, like cruelty-free toothpaste, cleaners, makeup, body washes, and more.

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