Best Way to Clean Your Tongue

Best Way to Clean Your Tongue

Although your tongue might feel smooth, it has a rough surface covered in taste buds and short, hair-like papillae. Over time, food debris and harmful bacteria gradually accumulate on the surface of your tongue, leading to bad breath, cavities, and other oral health conditions.

Fortunately, by cleaning your tongue regularly, you’ll be able to enjoy a healthy, beautiful smile and better overall oral health. Studies have shown that daily tongue cleaning can help fight bacteria that lead to bad breath, tongue discoloration, and plaque buildup.

When you start cleaning your tongue each day, you’ll be amazed at how much fresher and cleaner your mouth feels. From choosing a toothbrush to finding the perfect oil-pulling solution, here’s how to clean your tongue naturally at home.

Use your toothbrush after brushing

Using a toothbrush is one of the easiest ways to keep your tongue clean, especially if you’re already brushing twice a day. Between brushing your teeth and cleaning your tongue, be sure to rinse your toothbrush off.

To clean your tongue with a toothbrush, choose a soft-bristle toothbrush, stick your tongue out, and brush forward from the back of your tongue. Spit out any saliva and rinse off your toothbrush when you’re done.

If you have a gag reflex, cleaning your tongue with a toothbrush might be easier at night than in the morning. Aim to brush your tongue as often as you brush your teeth.

Invest in a tongue scraper

Tongue scrapers are reusable tools that you can find online or at your local drugstore. Some tongue scrapers are bent in half, creating a V-shape, or have a handle with a rounded edge at the top.

To use it, place your scraper toward the back of your tongue. Next, apply pressure, gradually moving the scraper toward the front of your tongue. After cleaning your tongue, don’t forget to rinse off your tongue scraper to wash off any bacteria.

While tongue scrapers and toothbrushes can both help eliminate bacteria on your tongue, most studies have found that using a tongue scraper is an effective way to keep your tongue clean.

Incorporate oil pulling into your routine

Although oil pulling is not a substitute for regular brushing and flossing, incorporating it into your oral hygiene routine is a great way to keep your tongue clean, reduce gum inflammation, and prevent tooth decay.

For the best results, use an oil-pulling solution with active ingredients like coconut oil, vitamin E, and activated charcoal to help kill bacteria, reduce plaque on your tongue, and keep your breath fresh. To keep your mouth clean, use one teaspoon of oil-pulling solution first thing in the morning before brushing your teeth and use a tongue scraper.

Create a natural, sustainable oral hygiene routine

Alongside brushing and flossing, cleaning your tongue is essential to maintaining a beautiful, healthy smile.

At Terra & Co., creating an environmentally-friendly oral hygiene routine is easier than ever. Whether you’re shopping for an eco-friendly toothbrush or non-toxic oil pulling solution, count on us for oral care products that are both good for you and good for Planet Earth.

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