Do You Use a Tongue Scraper Before or After Brushing Your Teeth?

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You can use a tongue scraper before or after brushing your teeth, depending on your personal preference. It doesn't matter when you clean your tongue, as long as you do it at least twice per day.  Millions of bacteria live in your mouth, some good and some bad. The bad ones are responsible for not only plaque and cavities but also bad breath.

These bad-breath-causing bacteria can congregate on your teeth and gums as well as on your tongue-- so a standard brushing and flossing session alone won't do the trick. You also need to clean your tongue.

Tools for Cleaning Your Tongue


How do you go about getting rid of those harmful bacteria that gather on your tongue? You can either use your toothbrush or a tongue scraper.

Many people choose to clean their tongues with their toothbrushes because it's convenient. In fact, some toothbrush heads have long bristles on one side for the teeth and short bristles on the other for the tongue. However, toothbrushes were designed to clean teeth and might not be effective at getting bacteria out of the tiny crevices on the tongue. However, tongue scrapers are generally made of plastic or metal bent into a curved U shape with either a handle or pull tabs at one end, making them ideal for clearing the tongue of harmful, odor-causing bacteria.

Tips for Using a Tongue Scraper

Most tongue scrapers are pretty self-explanatory-- you scrape them along your tongue to remove the bacteria and food particles. But, as the tongue is sensitive, you should also take care to use these tips:

  • Rinse the Scraper – Clean or rinse it before using it to clear away any leftover bacteria or food from previous uses.
  • Start at the Back – Place the scraper at the back of your tongue and then pull it forward.
  • Don't Miss the Sides – Clean the middle of your tongue and the sides as well.
  • Be Gentle – Your tongue isn't as tough as it looks, so be sure to use a light touch.
  • Repeat as Needed – Didn't get everything on the first pass? Keep scraping until your tongue looks and feels clean.
  • Scrape Before or After Brushing – You can use your tongue scraper either before or after you brush. But no matter when you use it, always rinse your mouth afterward.

Terra & Co. Sustainable Tongue Scrapers

While they might seem strange at first, tongue scrapers are simple tools that can have a real impact on your breath and overall oral health.  Make cleaning your tongue part of your daily oral hygiene routine with an eco-friendly tongue scraper from Terra & Co. That way, you can take care of your mouth and the planet.

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