Thrifting, Sustainability, & Natural Living with Thrifts and Tangles

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If fast fashion is a faux, then we’re thrilled to have found a friend in Tyler Chanel, the blogger, ethical fashion model, and face behind Thrifts and Tangles. She’s our fifth #TerraChamp, and our ethical wardrobes thank us for it!

Tyler was born in Chicago, lived in Las Vegas, and now calls L.A. home. It’s no wonder that she’s got an impressive fashion sense! And because most of her fashion finds are thrifted, Mother Earth is a fan, too.

She started her blog in 2012 as a way to share her thrifted outfits and inspire women to give secondhand shopping a chance. It’s obvious that people were receptive, as her blog has blossomed throughout the years and now she has around 11,000 followers on both Instagram and YouTube (@thriftsandtangles)!

Before hitting the “add to cart” button or heading to your local shopping mall, check out Thrifts and Tangles for ethical inspiration. She not only curates some of secondhand outfits we’ve seen, but she’s also a wealth of knowledge when it comes to things like recommending ethical brands, providing hair and beauty tips, and sharing sustainability info.

Obviously, she’s a go-to guru for all things thrifting, too. We don’t know how she finds time, but she also regularly participates in thrift fashion shows/fundraisers with organizations like Goodwill, and occasionally snaps a photo with a world leader (read: this 2016 photo with her and Joe Biden)!

Oh yeah, and she recently got engaged and is currently in the process of planning a thrifty and eco-friendly wedding. So stay tuned for that, too!

We can’t think of a better role model for sustainable shopping, and we’re so happy Tyler took the time to chat with us. Enjoy reading our interview!

Hi Tyler! What are three words you would use to describe your style?

Minimal, Girly, & Comfortable

Do you think Fast Fashion will inevitably meet its end? If not, where do you see it going in the next few years?

Unfortunately, I do not think fast-fashion will meet its end. I think fast fashion companies will launch more "sustainable" (greenwashed) collections, but won't address the problems with not paying fair wages.

Tyler Chanel

We want to spotlight your mission of sustainable and conscious living! What is one accomplishment you are most proud of why?

I am so proud that I hosted 4 clothing swaps in my community. Clothing swaps are so much fun. They help people update their wardrobes on a budget and teach people about circular fashion. I look forward to hosting more in the future.

In addition to thrifting - if there was one change you could encourage everyone to make in their lives around sustainability - what would it be, and why?

I would encourage everyone to use what they already own. This is the most sustainable thing to do since it doesn't create any new waste and extends the lifespan of items.

Who have been your biggest #TerraChamps aka supporters or inspirations in life?

Definitely my parents. I give them all of the credit for my passion for living a sustainable lifestyle.

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