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Terra & Co. Founders, Azra & Amra Hajdarevic

What is our why?


Did we spend our childhoods dreaming of the day we would operate a toothpaste business? Absolutely not.

So then how did we, sisters Amra and Azra, end up working with sustainable and natural oral care products?

Here’s a quick glimpse behind the brand, to let you know why Terra & Co. isn’t only about the toothpaste: 


Terra & Co. is a sister-owned business. We join a small group of sibling-operated businesses. We don’t get to choose our families, but we did get to choose our business partners! Even with the ups and downs, we’re happy to be in this together. 

It all started with a label. How crazy is it that there’s a warning label on most tubes of toothpaste? You know, the one that says to keep it out of reach of young children and that you should call poison control(!!) if you accidentally swallow. We decided that we wanted a danger-free toothpaste. So, we made one. 

Amra formulated the ingredients. Pregnant with her first daughter, Amra quickly learned that more than 232 chemicals make their way from the mother’s environment into the baby. Wanting something safe for everyone (children and pregnant women included), Amra turned her kitchen into a toothpaste lab. The natural ingredients you see today were chosen by her. 

Azra designed the sustainable packaging. Along with health, sustainability is another aspect of Terra & Co.’s mission. Azra used her fine arts background and work as a freelance makeup artist to design the minimalist eco-luxe packaging you see on all the products. Not only does it look good, but it’s all recyclable/biodegradable, too. 

The Future is Female. Terra & Co. is a certified Women’s Business Enterprise (WBENC). We not only support other women entrepreneurs, but also help out low-income and homeless women. As Bosnian refugees, we know firsthand about receiving aid—which is why every purchase goes back to organizations like the Los Angeles Downtown Women’s Center.  

Every time you restock your oral care products, you’re helping Terra & Co help women in our local community and around the globe. Who could have thought that simply brushing our teeth could contribute to a more sustainable and equitable future?


  Thank you for being a part of this,

Azra & Amra